It was on this day, 25 years heretofore…

You will have to forgive me, as this entry is a little lot indulgent, and I think, on this day I am allowed to be. So, if this isn’t your thing, or you don’t like photoblogs, which we are today, you may want to come back next week, when we return to our regularly scheduled programming.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, today is my 25th birthday! In the process of looking for pictures of my great-aunt for her memorial service this weekend, I came across a lot of pictures of my childhood. Turns out, I was one pretty adorable kid. I originally took these pictures to show the Boif and thought, in honor of my birthday, I would do a post highlighting the good and bad pics from the past. So… ENJOY!

Brotherly love
The pictures below are from the early years of Jason & I. Pretty much, we’re cute together.

enjoying our time in the Redwood forest

this must have been before he dropped me...


the picture that mom says is her favorite of the two of us

brother and I, probably around 3rd grade. aren't we adorable?

Sleepy time!

Even now, I have this tendency to fall asleep very easily, whether it be on a short car ride or just watching tv on the couch. Things were not much different back when I was a little one.

sleeping in front of the gorilla statue at the Berlin zoo

sleepy time!

Sleeping again...

The early years


these pictures span the months right after birth through right before pre-school. I was a toddler that was full of the awesome.

< 1 yr"

an early showing of my love for soccer

after my first haircut

Bitch, please

workin hard for the money

Hey you guyyys!

for what person does a playground not bring joy?

a habit that would not quit for a while...

I am SO happy, I can't contain myself!

my best NY gangsta face

happy baby!

gettin some water in my short shorts & farmer tan

Mom & Dad + me

looking cute as a sailor (obviously)

Don't cry for me, Argintina (if you don't see this, we may need to re-evaluate our friendship)

Time to get all learned

All of these pictures are my school years, with a few missing.


Pre-school, from the class picture

Gotta love this one (unknown age)

unknown age

1st grade

What a delightful picture...We have no idea what it was for

1st grade

4th grade (in my favorite Lion King shirt)

4th grade

4th grade class picture

5th grade (I don't know what's going on with that shirt or my chipmunk smile...

5th grade (love the hair, right?)

6th grade class photo

6th grade (looking like a powdered Ethiopian, weighing in at a whopping 59 lbs)

7th grade

8th grade

Unfortunately, that is where our stroll down memory lane ends. Thanks for joining me on this pleasant journey. Sad for you (but great for me), there weren’t many bad pictures; only the 5th grade sticks out in my mind…


Your favorite 25 y/o tenor