A Jubilant Song (coming soon to ears near you)!

Hey everyone – I apologize for the time between posts, life has been a little hectic recently. However, I am super happy to announce that I am in the process of commissioning a new piece (by NYC composer Clint Borzoni) for an international recital I am putting together for 2013, and I need your help in doing so.


After hearing some of Clint’s songs, I decided that I wanted to commission a new setting of Walt Whitman‘s A Jubilant Song, and have the world premiere of this piece on my upcoming international recital tour that will occur in 2013.

I first heard Clint’s music last year, when bass-baritone Tim Hill was commissioning a set of Walt Whitman songs (that are quite lovely). What attracts me to Clint’s music is the way that he uses harmonies in new and unusual ways, but still keeping the vocal line stunningly beautiful. To find out more about Clint, google “Clint Borzoni” or go to http://clintjborzoni.com. Do both…Clint does not “toot his own horn” as much as he should on his personal website (another reason to like this guy and his writing!)

The money that I am raising goes towards the cost of Clint’s commission fee, the recording studio’s fee & the pianist’s fee for playing the recording session. The catch with kickstart is that I must raise my goal, or I get none of the pledges. So, it is imperative that I raise at least $550.

If you are interested in helping Clint & I create new repertoire for the amazing art that is song, and I hope you are(!), it is all documented


Any and all donations will be gladly accepted! Thank you for any help you may be giving us!


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