Ugly Shoe of the Week

Today’s shoe comes to us from that beacon of fashion, Nordstrom. The Donald J Pliner ‘Carly’ Platform Sandal retails for a whopping $465.
What is there to say about this shoe? If this shoe was a solid color, it would be much better. Instead, it looks like the black part of the cow print was spattered like paint…or blood. As for a suggested outfit? I’d go with a denim mini, preferably acid wash, with a wife beater, color is your choice. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could take a dress shirt and tie it under the girls, exposing your stomach, for all to enjoy. Also, this would be a great shoe to go to the state fair in, dontcha think?


2 responses to “Ugly Shoe of the Week

  1. Wow. that is all I can say. And on top of that…there is a lot of that in Italy this year. Way creepy. Hope it never makes it to the US proper…

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